The Vision of Oneness is the co-creation of a growing group of people committed to:

  • Holding a vision of serving and seeing each other as One.
  • Committing to the abundance of the whole and the abundance of the self.
  • Using an existing business structure to begin illustrating a new paradigm.
  • Knowing and embodying that one’s Presence is enough.
  • Holding a space, a literal space, for the greater good of All.
The Vision of Oneness was created to support Creatives and Light-Workers in being supported by a greater whole, with least effort, so they could more fully embody and expand their gifts; while also supporting the whole with their own Commitment and Presence.
The foundational tenets of the Vision of Oneness are
The ‘Committed Result’ for the Vision of Oneness is to create a space and opportunity for individuals to co-create in a new way; through Simplicity, Presence and Commitment… for an ever-increasing ebb and flow of support for all involved.
The Vision of Oneness is currently available in: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, & Columbia.
Any individual, 18 or older, can be a part of the vision of Oneness. The only requirements are Commitment, Presence, and Holding the Vision through ongoing conscious participation. The Vision was inspired to serve those ready to welcome more abundance and support into their lives knowing and embodying their Presence being Enough.
Your YES implies you are willing to…

  • Hold a physical space in the business structure being used as a greater means of freedom, and financial wellness and support through community.
  • An annual member fee of $39 for your part of the structure to be in place.
  • Commit to giving to the community an order between $160 – $200 monthly for the ebb and flow of increased giving and receiving to occur and sustain.
  • Agree to align with at least 4 other individuals willing to uphold the same commitments. You may align with more but are only being asked for the minimum of 4 preferably within 4 weeks of your beginning.
  • Align with 10 or more (individuals) to exponentially assist this vision in expanding.
You will begin receiving back upon fulfillment of your commitments. The degree to which the return will be is based upon subsequent individuals also fulfilling their commitments, and so on and so forth. This Vision is based on Whole-Hearted commitment and service to something greater than the self. In doing so, the self receives back many times greater than what is given monthly. The Vision is dependent on everyone staying committed for it to sustain and keep growing.
The members of the Vision of Oneness do not believe in the energy of competition, therefore, it is inconsequential what else you are a part of or how many other business and groups you interact with. This community simply asks you to stay in commitment with us as you live your experience, allowing this space to support the rest of your experience.
The Vision of Oneness can encompass the whole world because we are all One. The beauty is that there is no limit to its growth or your growth… to its receiving or your receiving.
We currently live in a 3-D world where money is the rate of exchange. Most creatives and servers are slowed in their capacity due to a lack of funds. Through the Vision of Oneness, we all contribute a minimum monthly amount between $160 – $200 and by the sheer compounding of numbers, we create a flow of funds back to everyone greater than what they individually contribute as the Vision grows. Your investment is a gift to yourself, your commitment to staying present is an act of charity to all others, and the receiving is an experience of receiving something equal to as well as something greater.
The Vision of Oneness is based on the energy of simplicity. The greatest challenges for most people today are in technology, manufacturing, creation, distribution, accounting, and marketing. A model was chosen that is the next best step to collaborative business without the complexities listed previously. In this manner, we utilize a structure, with a good company that has a standing history of integrity, quality and global expansion to achieve what is in alignment with their aim, but also fulfills the vision and mission of the Vision of Oneness, its growth and sustenance.
This is heart-work marketing. WE are not selling or soliciting; WE are aligning with those like ourselves knowing a new way, of the new human that embodies collaboration, unity and the balancing of masculine (giving) and feminine (receiving) energies for the world to shift into a new way of BEING. There is nothing to ‘do’, there is only to ‘BE’. WE embody the example of that.
No; we are not selling anything. WE are aligning with those who can grasp the greater essence we are striving for. Your use of the products are to support you however you choose. Those that do have beautiful experiences, as shared int he opening video. Some have also chosen to share these meals with the homeless in an effort to expand the giving and oneness to a greater degree. Your presence is enough.
The Vision of Oneness aligned with this particular company because of:

  • The positive changes experienced on many levels, by many people of varying ages.
  • The advanced and highly compensating monetary structure of the plan.
  • The expansive array of products to provide extensive wellness choices for members.
  • The wide global reach through multiple countries for greater expansion.
  • The vast degree of tools, technologies and resources to support wellness, mind, body, community, positivity and heart-centeredness that is resonant to most aligning with the Vision of Oneness.
There is a wide range of products to choose from that should support every individual in finding something for greater well-being as an exchange for their Presence.

Some Vision of Oneness members choose additional products for others in need
(for example: meals to the homeless or skincare to women shelters)

Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual commitment and presence to the guidelines of the Vision of Oneness collective coercive mission. Earnings will vary and increase as the committed community expands and continues its commitments to self and the other.

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